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Our goals have been further defined.   A large part of what we do is to spread the message of

"Think Globally and Act Locally."

As we travel we set a positive example by being eco-sensitive. Examples are:

  • Picking up trash on shore and in the water
  • Discourging handling of marine life
  • Preventing reef damage from inadvertent contact

We also speak with individuals, groups, and others promoting the protection, preservation, and improvement of their local environment.


Cook Islands (completed)

In September 2014 RisingTides is returning to the South Pacific and traveling to Roratonga, Cook Islands.

There are four specific goals for this trip:

  1. To reunite and establish continued contact with Mr. API Williams, who was the assistant Game Warden on Suwarrow (visited in 2010).
  2. Observe general coral reef health and presence/condition of aquatic life.
  3. Provide support to the needs of the islanders via a charitable donation (preferably a material donation).  RisingTides hopes to align our support with an organization that shares the same goals of education, conservation and preservation.
  4. Explore emergency communication plans and equipment and share knowledge gained from volunteer EmComm (Emergency Communication) work in the USA.


Ridgecrest, CA

In October 2014 a representative of RisingTides will be speaking to a community group in Ridgecrest, CA.

This presentation will be tailored for the Sierra Amateur Radio Club as well as the general public. We will present slides and host discussions on RisingTides 2-year "Expedition 2010" throughout the South Pacific. The presentation will include expedition goals, challenges and accomplishments, research and humanitarian aid, along with the technical details of the many systems (radio and electronic) that made the expedition possible. We will also discuss the role Amateur Radio played in the daily lives of the islanders, expedition team members, and those back home.



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